Monday, July 15, 2024

Ampere Research Discovers Netflix and Amazon’s Dominance in Streaming Originals

International Growth of Netflix and Amazon in Streaming Market

Netflix and Amazon are leading the global commissioning race as they continue to order the majority of their titles from outside the U.S., according to research from Ampere Analysis. In the first quarter of 2024, these streaming platforms greenlit more than half of the world’s streaming commissions, with Netflix commissioning over 200 shows and movies, ahead of Amazon’s around 140. This surge in international spending is driven by increased investment in international territories.

The growth in international commissions was highlighted by Netflix’s expansion into regions like the UK, Germany, and Poland, where they almost achieved parity between Western European and North American titles for the first time. Additionally, both streamers made significant investments in key territories like India and Korea, with Amazon dominating the Asia Pacific market with a record slate of 37 titles.

On the movie side, Netflix has decreased the commissioning of domestic original movies while increasing international movie orders in regions such as the Nordics, Asia Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Mariana Enriquez Denton Bustinza, a Senior Researcher at Ampere, attributes this shift to market saturation in North America and the growing cost of production, driving Netflix and Amazon to focus on international productions to stimulate subscriber growth.

As studio-backed SVoDs make cutbacks internationally, Netflix and Amazon are doubling down on their localized global strategy. Netflix aims to cater to a broad subscriber base, while Amazon’s approach is more targeted towards key markets like India. Both platforms are leveraging their global positions to expand further into the theatrical market to generate downstream revenues from their platforms.

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