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American technology company purchases software firm based in Solihull

Clarity Software Acquired by US Tech Firm for Expansion and Growth

A Solihull SaaS Business Acquired by US Tech Firm to Expand Geographical Reach

In an exciting move for the technology industry, a Solihull-based Software as a Service (SaaS) business has been acquired by a leading US tech firm. Clarity Software, a management information system provider focusing on the sign and graphics industry, has joined the Inktavo group, known for its software solutions for branded merchandise businesses.

This strategic acquisition is set to not only enhance Inktavo’s product offerings but also expand its geographical reach. With the addition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Management Information Systems (MIS), and Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solutions from Clarity, Inktavo is poised to become a powerhouse in the industry.

James Armijo, CEO of Inktavo, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Our mission is to create a family of solutions for branded merchandise businesses to organize and grow. The addition of Clarity Software allows us to serve a wider range of customers and provide more comprehensive software solutions to help signage shop businesses grow seamlessly.”

Similarly, Richard Gamlin, CEO of Clarity Software, highlighted the company’s goal to scale and expand geographically, particularly in the US and non-English speaking markets. He emphasized the benefits that customers will receive from the enhanced software functionality to support their growth using a single application.

The acquisition was facilitated by Clairfield, a leading advisory firm in the technology sector. Shah Zaki, a partner at Clairfield, expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “This transaction showcases our ability to complete cross-border deals and achieve the best results for our clients. We are excited to have found a strategic buyer that will accelerate Clarity’s growth.”

Legal advice for the shareholders of Clarity Software was provided by Freeths, underscoring the collaborative effort involved in this acquisition. With this acquisition, both Clarity Software and Inktavo are poised for a successful future as they join forces to expand their reach and offerings in the tech industry.

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