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Alexandra Daddario Shares Pregnancy News: Expecting First Child

Alexandra Daddario announces she is expecting a baby

Alexandra Daddario, known for her roles in hit shows like White Lotus and AMC’s Mayfair Witches, has some exciting news to share – she’s going to be a mom! The talented actor revealed this joyous news in a recent interview, expressing her happiness at the prospect of expanding her family with her film producer husband, Andrew Form.

In the interview, Daddario shared her journey of keeping her pregnancy under wraps for the first five weeks, but ultimately failing to do so as her observant costars noticed changes in her behavior on set. Despite facing some morning sickness and navigating through the challenges of filming while pregnant, Daddario expressed her gratitude for the support and understanding she received from her colleagues.

Since discovering her pregnancy, Daddario has been immersing herself in all things motherhood, from researching online to preparing for the arrival of her little one with yoga and shopping for adorable maternity clothes. However, she also bravely opened up about her past struggles with fertility, revealing that she had experienced pregnancy loss before this successful journey.

Despite the hardships she has faced, Daddario is now embracing her pregnancy journey wholeheartedly, excited to show off her growing bump and bask in the joy of impending motherhood. Her candid and heartfelt revelations about her experiences serve to inspire and connect with others who may have gone through similar challenges.

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Daddario’s little bundle of joy, they can relish in the happiness and excitement that this wonderful news brings to the actor and her family.

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