Tuesday, July 16, 2024

AI-powered vending machines now sell bullets at US supermarkets

US Supermarkets’ Introduction of AI-Powered Bullet Vending Machines and Legal Implications

In a bold move that reflects the gun culture prevalent in the United States, AI-powered vending machines selling bullets have made their debut in Oklahoma and Alabama. These vending machines, created by American Rounds, are equipped with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition to verify the age of buyers before they can make a purchase.

According to the company’s website, these smart retail automated ammo dispensers ensure that only individuals who meet the legal age requirements are able to buy ammunition. This stringent process involves AI technology, card scanning capability, and facial recognition software to confirm the identity of the buyer.

The introduction of these bullet vending machines sheds light on the high gun density in the United States, where there are more firearms than people. While the presence of such machines may not come as a shock in a country with such statistics, the process of purchasing bullets involves a careful verification of the buyer’s age due to federal regulations and security concerns.

In compliance with federal laws, American Rounds has included an identity verification mechanism in their vending machines to ensure that buyers are at least 18 years old to purchase ammunition for long guns like rifles and shotguns, and at least 21 for handgun bullets.

Currently, these AI-powered vending machines are operational in six locations across Oklahoma and Alabama. However, legal issues have cropped up, with a store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama removing its machine after questions were raised about its legality at a city council meeting. Despite the concerns, the city’s legal department has confirmed that the machines are lawful as long as they adhere to proper zoning requirements.

The introduction of these bullet vending machines raises questions about the intersection of technology, gun culture, and regulation in the United States, making it a topic worth following as it unfolds.

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