Monday, July 15, 2024

A million people in upper Midwest under flood warnings due to heavy rainfall

“Devastating Floods Force Evacuation of Thousands in US Midwest”

The US Midwest is currently facing a devastating flood crisis, with more than a million people under flood warnings. Iowa and South Dakota have been hit the hardest, with record-high river levels and catastrophic flooding.

In South Dakota, at least one person has died due to the floods, and the state’s governor has declared a state of emergency. In Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds has declared a state of disaster in 21 counties, describing the floods as “catastrophic.”

Drone footage shows homes and buildings submerged in water, with only rooftops visible. In some areas, up to 18 inches of rain fell over the weekend, exacerbating the flooding.

One particularly hard-hit town is Rock Valley, Iowa, where around 4,000 residents were forced to evacuate as the Rock River rose to record levels. Residents are now without clean running water, as floodwater has contaminated the wells.

Rescue operations, including helicopter rescues, have been conducted to help those stranded by the flooding. Governor Reynolds stated that around 250 water rescues have been carried out so far, emphasizing the severe and widespread devastation caused by the floods.

The flooding in the Midwest comes as parts of the US are also battling a week-long heat wave, with more than 100 million people under heat advisory alerts. Extreme weather events like these are predicted to become more frequent and intense due to human-caused climate change, according to scientists.

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