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80-year-old actor Danny Trejo, known for his tough-guy roles, gets punched after man throws water balloon at him | Hollywood

Danny Trejo’s Clash at Sunland-Tujunga 4th of July Parade Creates Online Buzz

The Fourth of July celebrations in Sunland-Tujunga took an unexpected turn when actor Danny Trejo found himself in the middle of a brawl with locals. The altercation reportedly started when water balloons were thrown at Trejo’s vintage car during the parade.

Videos circulating online show the 80-year-old actor confronting a man responsible for the incident, with punches being exchanged. The situation escalated further when Trejo grabbed a chair and launched it towards the crowd, despite pleas to stop the fight due to the presence of children nearby.

In a statement to TMZ, Trejo expressed his disappointment over the incident, highlighting his strong attachment to the parade. He condemned the actions of those involved in the water balloon battle as childish, noting that some of them appeared to be in their thirties or older.

While no arrests were made, the brawl has generated a buzz online, with many expressing shock over the unexpected clash involving the beloved actor. The incident serves as a reminder that even joyous celebrations can quickly turn sour when tempers flare.

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