Monday, July 15, 2024

52nd Security Forces Squadron hosts international training for military working dog handlers

International Training for Military Working Dog Handlers at 52nd SFS

The 52nd Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dog (MWD) Section at Spangdahlem Air Base recently hosted an advanced interoperability training event that brought together U.S., German, and Luxembourgish military units and law enforcement organizations. Over 25 working dog teams participated in the training, which focused on enhancing communication and command skills, as well as refining the dogs’ abilities to detect explosives and locate suspects and missing persons in various environments.

Sgt. Aaron Vinson from the 100th Military Police Detachment emphasized the importance of the knowledge gained from the training exercises, stating that it will help strengthen the teams’ capabilities over time. The training simulations included scenarios such as explosive scent detection in outdoor and low-light conditions, search and rescue missions, and suspect apprehension. The event also provided an opportunity for participants to work through cultural differences and share training techniques, ultimately increasing the operability of the course.

Handlers received instruction and hands-on practice in canine tactical combat casualty care from U.S. Army veterinarians and animal care technicians. The training also included units from the 86th Security Forces Squadron at Ramstein Air Base, the U.S. Army 100th MP (MWD) Detachment, and various German and Luxembourgish police and search and rescue departments.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Nathan Fortmayer, a trainer with the 52nd SFS/MWD Section, highlighted the importance of caring for the working dogs, emphasizing that they are more than just animals – they are partners in service. The event concluded with participants gaining valuable experience and knowledge in handling working dogs in challenging situations, further enhancing their ability to work effectively with these dedicated animals.

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