Monday, May 27, 2024

Spring COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments Set to Begin in Oxfordshire

Starting next week, residents of Oxfordshire and neighboring regions will have the opportunity to schedule their COVID-19 vaccinations for the spring season. The NHS has announced the opening of its national booking system on April 15, aimed at safeguarding vulnerable populations amid ongoing virus transmission.

Residents in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire West eagerly anticipating their spring COVID-19 vaccinations will soon be able to secure their appointments. The NHS’s national booking system is slated to open on April 15, paving the way for appointments starting the following week. This initiative targets individuals most at risk, including those aged 75 and older by June 30, residents with compromised immune systems, and those residing in older adult care facilities.

The vaccination drive is scheduled to continue until June 30, with various accessible locations such as local pharmacies and GP practices. In an additional effort to facilitate accessibility, from April 15, health officials will commence home visits for older adult care homes and housebound patients eligible for the jab. Arrangements for these visits can be made through GPs.

For ease of access, eligible individuals are encouraged to make their bookings through the NHS website, the NHS App, or by calling the helpline 119 at no cost. Moreover, parents and carers can also arrange vaccinations for minors under 16.

Highlighting the importance of the program, Rachael Corser, Chief Nursing Officer for the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board, emphasized, “With COVID-19 still circulating, it’s crucial that those at highest risk who are eligible for the spring vaccine get their jab to help top up their immunity.”

Alongside the COVID-19 vaccine, the NHS is also advising eligible individuals to consider the shingles vaccine. This recommendation applies to all adults turning 65, those aged between 70 and 79, and individuals over 50 with a severely weakened immune system. This dual-vaccination approach underscores the NHS’s commitment to comprehensive community health protection during the ongoing pandemic.

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