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22 years after being buried by an avalanche in Peru, the body of a climber is discovered frozen in ice

Recovery of American Climber’s Body from Andes Peak After 22 Years

“Unbelievable Discovery: Climber’s Frozen Body Found 22 Years After Avalanche in the Andes Mountains”

In a shocking turn of events, American climber Bill Stampfl, who was buried in an avalanche 22 years ago on the Huascaran peak in the Andes mountains, has been found frozen and mostly intact. The incredible discovery was made by a stranger who came across Stampfl’s body while making his own ascent up the mountain.

Stampfl’s son, Joseph, received the unexpected call and shared the news with his family, sparking a mix of emotions ranging from shock to disbelief. The climber’s daughter, Jennifer, expressed her initial reaction as her heart sinking upon hearing the news.

After retrieving Stampfl’s body from the mountain, the family plans to move it to a funeral home in Lima, Peru, where it will be cremated and his ashes repatriated. The body was remarkably preserved by the ice and freezing temperatures, with his clothing, personal belongings, and even his gold wedding ring still intact.

The recovery operation was a joint effort involving Peruvian police, mountain guides, and Stampfl’s family, who were determined to bring his remains back home. The son described the surreal moment of seeing his father’s body no longer encased in ice but still wearing his boots.

Stampfl, along with his friends Matthew Richardson and Steve Erskine, had a passion for climbing and had tackled numerous challenging mountains around the world. While Erskine’s body was found shortly after the avalanche, Richardson’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Stampfl’s wife, Janet, described him as a kind, humble man who loved God and the mountains. She expressed gratitude that they can finally bring his body home to rest, a sentiment echoed by the entire family.

As the mountaineering community mourns the loss of a dedicated climber, the remarkable story of Bill Stampfl serves as a reminder of the enduring power and mystery of the mountains.

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