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Sports bars across New York City getting ready for AFC Championship



Sports bars across New York City getting ready for AFC Championship

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Baltimore Ravens in New York won’t have to go far to join fellow supporters for the highly anticipated AFC Championship game.

In a recent report by CBS New York’s Kristie Keleshian, two bar owners were interviewed as they gear up for the upcoming game. The highly anticipated match is scheduled to be broadcasted on CBS2 this Sunday at 3 p.m.

Josh Bowen, the owner of John Brown BBQ in Astoria, Queens, referred to as Chiefs Kingdom, describes the experience as a “magical ride” thus far.

In recent years, Bowen’s business has seen a significant boost, thanks to the success of the football team. One person who deserves credit for this is the Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. With his impressive performances, Mahomes has not only helped the team secure more wins but has also contributed to their growing popularity.

This Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Ravens is anticipated to attract a substantial crowd at Bowen’s Chiefs bar and restaurant, prompting the need for advance ticket sales.

“We express our gratitude to Patrick Mahomes for his exceptional performance in AFC Championship games,” Bowen expressed.

At John Brown BBQ in New York City, a prominent mural of the Kansas City Chiefs can be found. A resident of Kansas City, Bowen hails from the heartland.

“Preserving one’s culture is a significant endeavor,” said the individual. “Great barbecue is an integral part of Kansas City culture,” he stated. Midtown’s Mustang Harry’s is expected to be filled with Baltimore Ravens fans, creating a lively atmosphere.

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“We are completely booked,” stated Ian Conroy, one of the co-owners.

In celebration of the event, the bar will feature a unique menu inspired by the city of Baltimore.

“We offer a variety of delicious dishes, including Maryland crab cakes and Old Bay French fries,” Conroy stated.

Mustang Harry’s has emerged as a popular gathering spot for Ravens fans in recent years. It all started when a group requested to have their games shown at the establishment, and the trend has since gained momentum. This development holds significant meaning for Conroy, who moved to the United States from Ireland in the 1980s.

“Residents of Baltimore have relocated … “There’s a relationship, yeah, you’re away from home, just like I am, so I can relate to that,” he stated.

Regardless of whether the Chiefs or Ravens emerge victorious in Sunday’s game, their fans will have the opportunity to celebrate in the Big Apple while still experiencing a sense of familiarity.

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At the Randall’s Island migrant shelter, NYPD officers were attacked while making an arrest.



Surprising footage from a shelter on Randall’s Island shows a group of NYPD officers being attacked by migrants.

The footage indicates that last Thursday, while the police were attempting to arrest a rowdy guy inside the shelter, a group of migrants surrounded roughly five uniformed officers and hurled bottles and garbage at them.

Someone once threw a rucksack, hitting a police officer in the head. A tenant of the shelter who is on crutches tries to prod an officer a few moments later.

Spanish-speaking residents of the shelter can be heard yelling at the police. To deflect the things being thrown at them, police officers are brandishing their batons.

A man started fighting with security officers and was “acting in a disorderly fashion,” according to an NYPD spokesman, so police were called to the shelter at around 11 a.m.

According to a source, the man in the white T-shirt was not a resident of the shelter.

The man is shown on camera struggling with police who are attempting to handcuff him as he sits on the ground, upsetting onlookers who are witnessing the arrest.

After the two-minute video, officers are surrounded by shelter security guards as they pick up the man who is struggling and carry him out of the tent shelter.

“Safety! encircle the police! Somebody shouts, “Surround the cops!” off-camera.

According to the authorities, none of the cops were hurt. It wasn’t immediately apparent if the individual who was arrested had been charged.

The video demonstrates the continued conflict that exists between the city’s migrant population and the police.

The existing divisive immigration situation in New York City has divided a lightning point for criticism, with calls for the deportation of the migrants involved in such instances.

Surveillance footage from January 27 shows a mob of migrants assaulting a cop and a lieutenant of the New York Police Department outside a migrant shelter in Times Square.

Surveillance footage from January 27 shows a group of migrants assaulting a police officer and a lieutenant of the New York Police Department outside a migrant shelter in Times Square. Eight migrants have been detained as of February 14 for attacking those cops.

The largest refuge in the city for incoming asylum seekers is located on Randall’s Island. It has 3,000 seats available.

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NYPD: A shooter at large, two men hurt in Hunts Point



NYPD: 2 men injured in Hunts Point shooting; suspect at large

After shooting two guys in Hunts Point on Friday night, a suspect is being sought.

At about 8 p.m., according to the police, two people—a 20-year-old and a 38-year-old—were shot in the stomach at the intersection of Hunts Point Avenue and Gilbert Place.

After being admitted to the hospital, the two victims’ conditions are now stable.

The suspect, according to the police, is a man who was dressed in black sweater and trousers.

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17-year-old hospitalized after stabbing related to gang in Times Square



New York, NY On Thursday night, a male victim, 17, was stabbed and attacked by an unnamed group of people close to West 42 Street and 7 Avenue.

The incident started at 5:30 PM and started as a verbal argument that quickly turned physical. The guy was repeatedly kicked and pummeled before being stabbed in the back.

He was taken by emergency services to NYC Health and Hospitals/Bellevue, where his status was classified as stable. The group of people left the scene on foot after the attack, and they were last seen going inside the Times Square subway station.

Eight people are being sought by the authorities for the attack. Three are characterized as having medium complexions, and five as having light complexions.

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